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Understand your medication!
(Begrijp je medicijn)
Visual explanations of psychiatric medications that young people can easily understand.

My role:
  • Creation of concept for print and web expressions.
  • Creation and refinement of visuals during reviews with professor Peter Moleman, author of the project, specialized in psychopharmaceuticals.
  • Execution of illustrations (visual stories) and graphic design of print expressions.
  • Creation of design rationale.

How I did it:
Concepting sessions with professor Moleman produced a concept for a four-part brochure.
Editorial formula with two types of illustrations: one to show situation, the other a metaphor for working of the brain.
This was used to secure funding.
Character and visual style creation, stylized and figurative versions of character.
Creation of visual stories based on detailed discussions with professor Moleman.
Graphic design combining three-part explanations with visual stories.
Wrote design rationale to explain color scheme, composition and typographic style. Created print versions for validation through testing on- and offline with young people and parents. Response confirms design rationale.
Finalization of print expressions.

Who I worked with:
Peter Moleman, PhD. - initiator of project and specialist in psychopharmaceuticals
James M. Boekbinder - concepting, validation