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People I know who knew my mother
Campaign to promote debut novel 'People I know who knew my mother' by Arjen Lubach.

Meulenhoff publishers

Two animated trailers for use on in-store screens, web, TV and presentations.

Best commercial video, 2006 (Golden Heron).

My role:
Concept, illustration, animation, editing.

How I did it:
Creating style: chiaroscuro nice, but too dark and dramatic.
So a lighter-hearted style, more ironic humor amid darker notes.
And an extra style for tall story-within-a-story.
19-second version for internet video with more of a 70' - 80's family photo look.

Who I worked with:
Arjen Lubach (sound design, music, consultation on script)
James M. Boekbinder (storyboard for short trailer, adaptation of novel)