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Online Patient Expertise Network - OPEN
Series of 12 projective storytelling cards for use during design research activity (contextual situational inquiry).

My role:
  • Creation of 12 projective storytelling images to be used during a design research activity.
  • On-the-spot visualization of situations described by participants.

How I did it:
Read project brief and other materials describing the concept of this new information system.
Discussed design research activity with project manager and researcher.
Created style.
Wrote design rationale.
Made new images on the spot based on participants' description of situations.

Who I worked with:
Marieke Verhave - project manager
Robert Vermeire - professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, LUMC, Leiden
Participants from 'Ervaringsraad' (Experience expert council)
James M. Boekbinder - design researcher, designer of OPEN