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Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry website
Complete visual design for new website of Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

My role:
  • Creation of visual design for all pages (14 new page templates).
  • Creation of set of fifteen original pictograms.
  • Creation of thumbnail examples and guidelines.
  • Consultation on design of CMS.

How I did it:
Read project brief, strategic foundation document, usability norm guidelines and research reports from user tests and interviews.
Discussed technical constraints and limitations.
Created style proposals. Adapted after review by client. More emphatic visual distinction of community-, task-oriented and other content.
Precise style guidelines to support front-end coding.
Created guidelines and selected photographic material: kids at peace with themselves in their own space. Calm. Doing things they like. They add warmth and low-key humor and remind us of the core mission of the Knowledge Centre.

Who I worked with:
Marieke Verhave, Mariska Koelman - project managers.
Interns and other program participants at the Knowledge Centre.
James M. Boekbinder - interaction designer, researcher, content strategist.
YipYip - technical and design partners (Rens Wijnmalen, Tim Noteboom, Tim Pelgrim).